Using Transglucosidase to Prevent Diabetes

When you ingest foods loaded with carbohydrates, such as bread or rice, you are ingesting starch. Starch can be detrimental to your body, and it can lead to diseases such as diabetes and obesity. These diseases mainly stem from too much sugar consumption. Most starch converts into sugar during digestion, so even if you eat starchy foods that are healthy, your blood sugar can drastically rise after meals. You can help reduce the risk of diabetes eliminate some of your daily intake of starch, but it’s not possible to completely remove it from your diet. We do need some percentage of carbohydrates in our lives in order to have a healthy diet. In fact, the Institute of Medicine recommends a daily carbohydrate of up to 65%. So what is the solution?



The answer to the problem is simple. Instead of trying to remove starchy foods from your diet or just resign yourself to the fact that you become obese, start taking Transglucosidase. Transglucosidase can reduce digested starch which has converted into sugar up to 31%. It can also increase starch that HASN’T converted into sugar in the digestive tract by 11%. That’s a total of 42% of starch that won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream. And that means a much smaller chance of getting a life-threatening illness. Transglucosidase is actually an enzyme that literally rearranges starch’s molecular form before it causes damage to your body. Instead of starch being converted to the usual glucose form that can be extremely detrimental to your body, it is changed to a beneficial fiber that goes right into your digestive tract. The most critical period for our body’s health is directly after you have consumed a meal. Luckily, that’s when Transglucosidase takes action against starch’s harmful effects. It’s common knowledge that the healthiest diets are those enriched with fiber. Fiber-rich foods can regulate your digestive system, which can help you live longer and lose weight easier. The American Dietetic Association suggests consuming 20 to 35 grams a day of dietary fiber. Unsurprisingly, most people don’t even come close to ingesting that amount of fiber with their daily diet. Transglucosidase can convert starch into a prebiotic fiber before it converts into sugar. And it does this right in your digestive track, so you don’t have to take any extra steps for this process to occur. Amazingly, Transglucosidase can help dogs as well. Recently, researchers in Japan discovered that the effects of Transglucosidase are on dogs’ health is virtually identical to that of humans. Diabetes is no stranger to canines, and it can be managed properly by avoiding high insulin levels. Dogs that took Transglucosidase were able to avoid the usual glucose spike after meals and maintain regular glucose levels of 85 to 95 mg/dL.




Diabetics have a lot to deal with in their daily lives. If their blood sugar spikes, it can be fatal. But if insulin levels are too high, it can also be a deadly situation. Your insulin levels can go from normal to high when you consume too much starch, whether you’re a diabetic or not. While you should still try to eat healthy and consume only the recommended amount of carbohydrates daily, Transglucosidase can greatly reduce your risk of ever getting any type of diabetes. If you take it correctly and follow a healthy diet plan, it can even reduce the risk of diabetes in your future. High insulin levels are a dangerous event that should always be avoided. Research shows that whether or not you have diabetes, you have a 37% higher risk of dying from cancer from high insulin levels. High insulin levels are caused by excessive insulin production and are sometimes referred to as “prediabetes”. This is because high insulin levels are usually the first step of body failure before being diagnosed with diabetes. Transglucosidase can lower your insulin levels if taken regularly, reducing your risk of diseases associated with diabetes.




If you haven’t considered taking Transglucosidase, try taking it as part of your daily routine. This can be helpful for any person, especially if you are overweight or have diabetes. We need carbohydrates with our daily diet but too much starch can be ultimately deadly. Transglucosidase removes the risk factor and keeps your body from high insulin levels. Removing the “starch changing into sugar” factor can positively impact your health and prevent deadly diseases from happening. If you are already a diabetic, taking Transglucosidase will help you as well.

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