The Disease Reversing Effects of Oranges

Like all fruits, oranges have been proven to have numerous health benfits especially in improving eye health, age related mascular degeneration and prevention of glaucoma. We dig deep into the minerals in oranges that make it very healthy and how it helps improve on human health in general. Oranges are naturally full of more than 60 flavonoids making them very nutritious. The fact that oranges are very rich in hesperidin and narrigin makes them very ideal for fighting heart disease, enhancing immunity, preventing heart disease and boosting eye health. Oranges being inexpensive also provide a cheaper way of preventing some of the conditions mentioned above.


Oranges improve eye health.

Research has proven that oranges are very helpful in fighting or preventing glaucoma which if untreated can result in permanent loss of vision. Oranges are packed with alot of carotenoids like lutein and beta-cryptoxanthin which when combined with vitamin c makes oranges the best natural fruit to boost eye health. A study carried out by researchers at California university showed that those who consume at least two servings of oranges on a weekly basis reduced their glaucoma risk by up to 82%. A more recent report pubished in the journal of neuroscience attributes this to the presence of vitamin c in oranges. According to the report, the vitamin c present in oranges improve the functioning of GABA receptors which in turn protects against retinal nerve cells loss and reducing chances of visual impairment significantly.

Frequent consumption of oranges also lowers the risk of age related muscular degeneration which is yet another cause of vision loss especially in people 50 years plus. Using data from more than 118,400 people aged between 35-55 about fruit and vegetable intake for close to 18 years, researchers discovered that indivuals who consumed three or more servings of oranges weekly were 39% less likely to suffer from age related muscular degeneration than those who consumed only two servings monthly.


Oranges help prevent heart diseases and cardiovuscular dysfunction.

Scientists have also found that oranges can be very effective in lowering the risk of getting heart diseases. The major cause of heart diseases is endothelial dysfunction and scientists are trying to find dietary supplements that can help improve its functioning. Oranges have been found to be one of the best fruits for this purpose. A scientific study in the American journal of clinical nutrition showed that people with cadiovascular disease who took two cups of red orange juice daily for a week experienced significant reduction in inflamatory markers. Their endothelial function also increased by up to 38.5% reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease. High homocysteine levels in the body have been found to increase endothelial dysfunction and consequently cardiovascular disease. Plethora of florate which is found in oranges, helps to enhance the metabolism of homocysteine by converting dangerous homocysteine in to methionine. This helps to prevent the build up of homocysteine and reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease. According to a research carried out by Brazillian researchers, oranges have also been found to alter lipid metabolism mostly in people with very high cholesterol levels.


Oranges help in prevention of kidney stones.

Until recently, kidney stone was not considered to be dangerous or life threatening but recent studies have shown that it could be a precussor to kidney problems. Though pottasium citrate supplements have been the most common solution, scientists are now looking for natural cures and oranges are at the forefront. Oranges being a rich source of pottasium citrate was researched on and in a report published in the clinical journal of the American society of Nephrology, it was found that volunteers who supplemented their diet with orange juice at meal times at least thrice a week had increased citrate levels thus lowering their risk of calcium oxalate stones. Those who consumed lemonade instead did not see any change.

Oranges boost immunity.

Oranges have also been found to help in enhancing body immunity. The main immune booster in oranges was traditionally thought to be vitamin c but recent studies have proved otherwise showing that pectin fibre may instead be the true immune booster in oranges. What remains undisputable though is the potential of oranges in boosting immunity. Pectin fibre boosts immunity by stimulating interleukin-4 production in the body. Interleukin-4 is an anti inflamatory molecule that helps to boost immunity.
Oranges have got numerous other health benefits. We have only looked at the major ones. Oranges have the potential to even prevent more diseases and more research is still needed if we are to realise the full health potential of oranges.

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