The Anti-Aging Power of Taurine

Most people wonder why the Japanese live for very long compared to other nationalities. Well the main reason as to why the Japanese have the highest life expectancy is simply because of taurine, an amino acid. Taurine has been scientifically proven to possess anti aging properties and increase a person’s longetivity. The relationship between taurine and long life is very strong that scientists have dubbed it ”the nutritional factor for the longevity of the Japanese”. Taurine has numerous health benefits to the body and this accounts for the longetivity among the Japanese. Taurine improves cardiovascular health, electrolyte balance, insulin sensitvity, immune modulation and hearing function. In animals, it reduces heart failure. Though taurine is in abundance in healthy bodies it may need to be supplemented especially in the elderly and those on vegetarian diets. In this article, we take a look at the various benefits of taurine in detail.

Taurine prevents and reduces the likelihood of obesity.

Taurine has been found to prevent obesity in humans. According to studies, people who take three taurine grams daily for seven weeks experienced huge weight reductions among obese/ over weight people. Studies carried out in animals also confirmed the weight loss properties inherrent in taurine. Taurine has been found to help fight obesity either single handedly or in combination with other products. Taurine increases tolerance of glucose in obese animals.

Taurine prevents type 2 diabetes

It is a fact that the taurine concentration levels are low in diabetic people than in healthy individuals. Human studies show that supplementing the body’s taurine levels with 1.5 grams of daily taurine can restore the body’s taurine levels to a level that is normal. Additional supplementation of taurine has also been found to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Normal concentrations of taurine are vital in regulating diabetes and the effects/ consequences of diabetes. Research carried out on animals has shown that normal taurine levels in the body leads to reduced blood glucose and restores insulin sensitivity thus controlling or preventing diabetes. Taurine supplementation also helps to fight certain complications that are result from diabetes. It supports nerve fibre integrity which in turn slows down painful diabetic neuropathy. It also reduces kidney damage that comes as a result of diabetes.

Taurine reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Taurine also lowers the risk cardiovascular disease. People with high taurine levels are at a very low risk of suffering from coronary heart disease compared to those with low taurine levels. Their body mass index is also lower just as is the case with their blood pressure and the level of dangerous body lipids. Taurine supplementation reduces blood pressure through reducing resistance to blood flow mostly in the walls of the blood vessels. Taurine also minimizes brain impulses which is another cause of high blood pressure.

Taurine prevents eye disease.

Taurine has also been found to provide potent protection to the retina. As such, it is very important in eye health and if taken in adequate proportions can help to prevent age related loss of vision. In reality, it prevents eye diseases and other related eye complications. Though the retina has plenty of taurine, the stock diminishes especially with old age and if not properly supplemented could result in loss of vision. Research also shows that the taurine present in the retina helps to fight against oxidative stress mostly in diabetics and this helps to restore the defecient nerve growth level factor which are essential for retinal health. Defecient taurine levels can lead to a couple of vision related problems such as retinal degeneration of cells in adults and retinal dysfunction in children. The solution to this lies in taurine supplementation.

Taurine  reverses tinnitus.

Taurine helps to reduce reverse tinnitus and plays a very big role in hearing. Scientific studies have proven that taurine can reverse the bio chemical processes that lead to hearing loss. It also helps to eliminate the ringing effect in the ears that is normally a consequence of tinnitus. It also improves hearing in animals that are exposed to antibiotics like gentamicin that can cause temporary hearing loss.

Taurine helps to reduce cases of liver disease.

Taurine also helps to treat liver disease especially the non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Taurine defends liver cells against free radicals and toxin, which helps to tone down the impact of oxidative stress induced injury to the liver.

Taurine is without doubt one of the best amino acids because of its medicinal properties and is readily available. Foods rich in taurine include sea food and meat.

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