Tart Cherries For Muscle Protection

Studies have been carried out on cherries and it showed that they contain some unique compounds such as anthocyanin. Anthocyanin mediates anti-inflammatory processes. These compounds were found to be responsible for the modulation of several pathways thus protecting against such diseases as cancer, Alzheimer as well as cardiovascular diseases. In one study, tart cherry constituents were found to perform the following functions;

  • Switching on and off some critical genes
  • Modulating cell signaling molecules such as TNF
  • Targeting several cardiovascular-factors

These actions were found to reduce, tremendously, the early mortality that is often seen in many people. In fact it reduces it by 65 percent. Despite these published scientific studies, the FDA in 2005 sent a warning to cherry growers saying that they should stop citing studies showing that cherries could significantly reduce inflammation and pain, which could in turn lead to reduced early mortality. The following are some of the benefits which the FDA did not want to be made public.

Tart cherries have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties due to anthocyanin compounds that they have. Tart cherries often provide high levels of anthocyanin compounds when compared to other anthocyanin-containing foods, for example vegetables and fruits. The revelation of the high level of this and other compounds, that tart cherries contain, had prompted investigations into their potential health benefits. The results that were found were actually breath-taking, to say the least. Numerous biochemical pathways were found to be modulated by these compounds resulting in a huge impact on degenerative-conditions such as muscle inflammation as well as the joint inflammation.

Muscle inflammation results from prolonged physical activity. It is also experienced as people age. This can be reduced through exercise. However, pain and loss of strength is experienced later and it tends to last long. Researchers were prompted into carrying out a study on the possibility of tart cherries to protect muscles, when tart cherries were shown to provide numerous anti-inflammatory benefits. All the studies that were carried out suggested that tart cherries could significantly reduce muscle damage. This led the researchers therefore to conclude that tart cherries have a significant protection against muscle damage.

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints and it is associated with break-down of cartilage. Cartilage is a mass found in-between the joints. It is responsible for cushioning the joint thus allowing for smooth movement of the joint. Breakdown of cartilage often result in pain and injury. It also has an inflammatory effect. A study by the Researchers in Baylor Institute demonstrated that tart cherry juice provided anti-inflammatory activity to Osteoarthritis patients, without causing any adverse effects.

Grout is another kind of inflammatory arthritis. This disease associated with high concentration of uric acid in blood. Studies in Boston University showed that taking of cherries extracts reduced, by 45 percent, the grout attacks in patients suffering from recurrent grout-attacks. Further studies showed that use of these extracts with allopurinol resulted in a 75 percent decrease in grout attacks. The studies therefore proved that these cherries reduce, significantly, grout and other inflammatory osteoarthritis. This therefore, leads to prolonged life.

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