SAFFRON: The Safer Alternative For Depression Management

Very many people in and out of America suffer from depression these days. In the USA, a tenth of Adults suffer from depression; and by the year 2020, it is expected that depression will be the world’s second leading cause for disability. According to some study carried out in 2013, the use of anti depressants has gone up by 400%, with users aged 12 years and above. Due to the adverse reactions associated with antidepressants, very many people are in quest of alternatives to the pharmaceutical medications.

This article is intended to unveil the fact that Saffron is as effective as Antidepressants, but with no unwanted effects. You will get to learn how Saffron can successfully be used for treating other conditions such as anxiety, which is usually treated by anti depressants.

Saffron prevents
depression just as Antidepressants do

Initially, a direct comparison was made by researchers between the efficacy of stigma extract of Saffron and that of antidepressant Tofranil. Six weeks after the commencement of the study, Saffron was declared to be as effective as Tofranil; however, it was discovered that the users of Tofranil suffered symptoms such as dry mouth and unwanted sedations. It was concluded from the study that there is a therapeutic benefit associated with the use of saffron in the treatment of mild to moderate depression. Another study which was carried out by scientists comparing the effectiveness of antidepressant Prozac and that of Saffron. The study involved 40 adults that complied with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (fourth edition). At the end of the 6th week of the study, a double blind and randomized trial revealed that Saffron was as effective as Prozac. Both of the studies indicate clearly that saffron is potentially able to prevent depression as are antidepressants. The advantage with saffron is the fact that it has no adverse effects associated with its use.

Use of Saffron for treating
other Emotional Cognitive Disorders

Regardless of their name, they are commonly treated by anti depressants. They include a broad range of cognitive and emotional conditions such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and Alzheimer’s disease. According to a 2013 report, it is predicted that there will be mass numbers of people living with Alzheimer’s in the next 40 years. In order to determine if saffron can be a better and safer alternative to the treatment of Alzheimer’s, a placebo-controlled, double blind and randomized trial was setup by scientists. After 16 weeks of making the study, it was discovered that saffron produced more cognitive function scores than did placebo. As noted by the author of the study, saffron has the ability to effectively treat mild to moderate conditions of Alzheimer’s disease.

Saffron Prevents sexual dysfunction
effects brought about by antidepressants

Often people who are serotonin reuptake inhibitors are recommended to take up treatments of anxiety disorders and social disorders. However, these treatments come with collection negative reactions including nausea, sexual dysfunctions, and others. There is evidence that treatment done with active constituents of saffron called crocins encourages anxiolytic-like benefits with no adverse reactions. The use of a compound of Saffron called safranal demonstrates increased total sleep time and anxiolytic benefits with no negative impacts on the motor coordination. At the round-up of 2012, a research was carried out, which involved testing Saffron’s impact on the unfavorable sexual effects caused to men by the taking of antidepressants. Pacebo was used for making the comparison. After only 4 weeks, the group of men that were using saffron had already experienced greater improvements in the erectile function and intercourse satisfaction than those in the Placebo group. Next the scientists commenced to determine if Saffron Prevents sexual dysfunction in women who take anti depressants. A team of 38 women was used and the Female Sexual Function Index was used for carrying out the assessment. Placebo was still used for making the comparison. After 4 weeks from the start of the study, women that used Saffron had significant improvements despite the fact that they were still taking the antidepressants which had induced the effects in the first place.

Additional benefits of Saffron

There is evidence that Saffron can be used for treating other illnesses. Some recent scientific evidence suggests that the extract of saffron and its major active constituents can aid in the inhibiting of tumor genesis and carcinogenesis. The crocin analogs which are extracted from saffron can increase blood flow in the choroid and retina; in addition to facilitating recovery of the functioning of the retina and the combating of other eye conditions. Traditionally, saffron has for long been used in the treatment of various illnesses including, poor digestion, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, and as a pain remedy.

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