Stem Cell Breakthroughs

Shocking Stem Cell Breakthrough

It would seem that the case of one person in this video was like, if not in fact, they had their whole body re-created and all disease removed. These scientists are on the cutting edge of stem cell research. They have their site at but have also developed Stem Kine which increases the stem cell count in your blood by 90% in seven days and by 100% in two weeks.

This 21 year old lady mentioned in the above video had sores all over her skin from head to foot. She lost all her hair and had two serious arthritic diseases that distorted her body with very swollen joints, had split toe nails and was bent over. She never wanted to be seen in public. Ten months later when the lady returned they had to have people convince them that this was the same lady. She had no sores on her skin or evidence of of any disease and looked like a beautiful model with long blond hair according to the video above.

Stem Kine was originally developed after years of research and testing by a highly qualified staff of scientists and medical doctors to be part of the process in the amazing stem cell therapy breakthrough they developed. This is what brought about the amazing physical transformation of this very diseased lady as mentioned. They took special stem cells from this ladies fat and then processed them and injected them into her only twice over two weeks. They also gave her the Stem Kine product to significantly raise her stem cells in the blood. The special injected stem cells from the fat went to where there was need of repair in her body and send out signals to call for the stem cells that were now in abundant supply in her blood to come and do the necessary repair. If her blood did not have these higher levels then nothing much would have happened. Even though one cannot get these special injections without a lot of cost and very serious disease conditions, the use of Stem Kine alone brings significant benefits to ones quality of physical well being and longevity. You can go to the following link to watch many videos including many that include testimonies on the results: .

My own experience is far better sleep, a warm good anabolic feeling much of the day, more energy, faster thought flow in speech when I do lectures, and greater strength in weight lifting.


by David James Thomson

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