In this day and age the question you should really ask is what helps health against the disease of aging? This disease of aging is brought on by the misappropriation of knowledge in wrong products, drugs and foods as well as the many other anti-life factors such as stress and pollution. It may shock many to discover that medical knowledge is increasing at such a rapid rate that top genius inventors and experts in the medical field such as Dr. Ray Kurzweil predict that by around the year 2022 science will of achieved physical immortality. This is basically because of advances in areas such as stem cell research, nanotechnology, and so on, that will have achieved significant fruition by around that time. By that time, even if they are able to improve and extend the quality of life to around 180 years this will allow one to live into the time when there will be advances against aging that will probably be 10 to 100 times greater. The result would be that people would live a high quality of life extending into thousands of years and with more advances as time continues this would lead to physical immortality.

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For some the fact that physical immortality is in their grasp may seem very hopeful and exciting especially if they believe that all there is to their life is their physical body. But to put one’s hope in physical immortality through scientific breakthroughs is to ignore many other observations of reality. There is the potential for physical death through many other factors such as accidents, disease and war as well as the reality of other dimensions of atomic structure that may affect the body.  The fact is that there is overwhelming scientific evidence that you are far more than just your physical body. Particle physics gives strong indication of other dimensions of existence that are just as real and even more real than the physical dimension. You can discover all about the solid science behind these other dimensions at where you can watch many videos. For example, on the homepage the first video you will see is a former professor that was an atheist who died and experienced realm far more real than this physical realm that totally changed his life. The fact is that if we achieved factors within the physical body that could allow physical life without end there would still be a destructive principle in the soul that could undo constructive meaning, purpose, and fulfillment of life to one’s whole being including their body.

The only quality that can contain non ending life is a quality that can be described as the ultimate perfection of love – a quality that always chooses the highest everlasting good. This is a love that has such integrity that it is a blazing fire of judgment against the slightest that is contrary to it and yet is so ultimate that in its integrity it has the moral power to be transcendent in mercy to provide assured forgiveness to the repentant. This is by God himself having the moral power to be a perfect atoning substitutionary sacrifice to absorb the judgment of all who repent and receive God’s provision of forgiveness. This government of love alone has the power to undo the destructive principle in the soul that has the potential for annihilation of the whole human race.

To know these realities about the destiny of the real essence of our being does not negate the need to with all diligence pursue a higher quality of physical life with greater and greater longevity. To neglect the discoveries of science put in front of us because of the conceit and pride of our own self-righteousness or the obsession and pursuit of some more immediate temporary delusion of fulfillment is at best stupidly self-destructive. It therefore significantly helps wellness against aging to apply the best anti-aging breakthroughs that most people do not even realize they can apply right now. These breakthroughs can cause a significant age reversal criteria of 20+ years for those in their mid-30s and up. For example, there are now products you can buy with solid science that proves they literally reverse aging at it’s very root at the cellular level. One such product is TA 65 and you can watch many videos on this at . You may find some of the things hard to believe in this article, but if you do your own homework with an open scientific mind you will find that what I share here is indeed real. That means that you can find ultimate meaning and purpose for your life that will increase and enlarge without end now if you choose to receive it.

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